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Vietnam in 2001: Prospects for Economic and Social Progress

November 16 - 17, 2000

Program Announcement

While the process of Vietnamese renovation, doi moi, has yielded some positive results since its inception in 1986, Vietnam's economic growth has slowed appreciably in recent years. Many key reforms have been sidetracked while social problems have multiplied, and there is a broadly perceived uncertainty about Vietnam's future.

The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for an objective discussion of Vietnam's present problems and possible future courses of economic and social development. The conference will focus on the challenges now facing Vietnam's primary constituencies such as the rural sector, state-owned enterprises, the military, and the urban elites including a small but growing entrepreneurial class with a view toward promoting the achievement of an equitable, prosperous society for the Vietnamese people.

The conference will take place during a potentially significant moment. Preparations are already underway for the Ninth Congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party early in 2001. The United States-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement, signed on July 13, 2000, will soon be under consideration by the legislative branches of both countries. If ratified, the Agreement should lead to important positive changes in economic and commercial relations between the United States and Vietnam. President Clinton's November trip to Vietnam further highlights the bilateral relationship.

We hope to conduct this conference in a scholarly, open-minded fashion, with a view toward promoting the achievement of an equitable, prosperous society for the Vietnamese people. The conference will be divided into half-day sessions addressing four broad areas. Several papers will be presented in each session with open discussion and questions from the floor to follow.

Conference Schedule

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Speakers' biographies

PANEL I: Current State of the Vietnamese Economy. Moderated by Mr. Truong Van Thuan, VPA

  • Panel I Discussions
  • Luncheon Speaker: "First Thing First: Reform Priorities for Vietnam" Prof. James Riedel, SAIS

    PANEL II: Alternative Frameworks for Sustainable and Broad-Based Development. Moderated by Prof. Roger Leeds, SAIS

  • Panel II Discussions
  • Friday, November 17, 2000

    PANEL III: Vietnam's Relations with China, U.S., ASEAN. Moderated by Prof. Frederick Z. Brown, SAIS

  • Panel III Discussions
  • Luncheon Speaker: "The State, Property Rights and the Question of Prosperity in Communist Vietnam". Mr. Truong Van Thuan, VPA

    PANEL IV: Prospects for Renovation: What Is To Be Done? Moderated by Prof. Robert Scalapino, University of California

  • Panel IV Discussions
  • Conference Concludes